We are thrilled to say that​ in 7 years our donor numbers have come to be too numerous to list.

They know who they are and we are truly grateful for them.

Our anonymous donors,

3 of whom agreed to participate in Holiday Season Matching Programs,

one who donated 300 pairs of reading glasses and

one who donated a Dell laptop. 

Jane and Rita chatting at a JGI Canada fundraiser in Toronto

                       The Guardian Project      

a sustainable, scalable, community building, income generating, peace building, conservation initiative...really!

Sponsors And Partners Of The Guardian Project And It's Initiatives

The following is a letter from Jane Goodall. 

Through my recent role as a judge for the G Project, I became aware of an inspirational project in Africa led by Rita Rayman and her husband Jeff – a project which they describe as micro-finance but the currency is sheep. The Jane Goodall Institute’s success in protecting habitat for chimpanzees in Africa depends on creating programs that are controlled and embraced by the local people. Our community-centered conservation programs in Africa empower local people to build sustainable livelihoods while promoting regional conservation goals such as reforestation and ending the illegal, commercial bushmeat trade.
That is why I am pleased to endorse Rita and Jeff’s project, aptly named The Sh*t Starts here. The concept is simple - by providing sheep to farmers who compost the manure into fertilizer, crop yields increase, food production increases, and people are able to generate an income.  I believe that these results decrease the need for poaching and create stable communities which work with us to protect and conserve the environment shared by all Earth’s living creatures. 
​I commend Rita and Jeff for their commitment to this innovative, effective program and I wish them great success in the future. 

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE
​ Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace


Look Who Loves The Guardian Project

For their generous technical and creative expertise:

Lisa Rayman
Ainsley Kendrick
John Penner (the Idoctor)
Graham Kendall

​For their banking assistance in Togo: TransAfrica Tours

Perth Elementary School, 
​the staff/students who continue to help raise money for sheep, this time through their on-going "Soup For Poop" lunch program, with soup made from vegetables from their school garden. Perth Elementary Rocks!

Jaime Garcia      
Kiki Delaney  
Andrea Fine   
Randi Hampson
Ethan & Elijah
​Judy & Michael Firestone Ron & Heather Hoffman   
Wendy & Roman Jovey   
Elaine Shermer     
Lisa Shamai     
Michael Bellman  
Vito Gallaro
G Adventures/Planeterra     
Steve & Katherine  Vaccaro       
Joel Leonoff Alberta Capital Corp.                Philip Armstrong

Tax receipts are issued for the full amount. Canadian charitable number: 839804291RR0001

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Special Thank You For Their "Off The Chart" Generosity

100% of donations go directly to buying animals!

We are thrilled to have experienced so much generosity from family, friends, and all you amazing people out there who we don't even know, who continually give in incredible ways. 

We keep our overhead costs at ZERO by being 2 Canadian volunteers working with 7 groups of African volunteers and 7 National Parks and 1 protected forest in 4 countries! 

The best way to help is by making a donation.

100% of the donations go directly to buying seeds and animals, a vet check-up and the animals' tic and de-worming meds. Every $60 donated to the project buys one sheep or goat for a family... we blame the increase on the ludicris notion that a weak Canadian dollar can somehow bolster our trade with the U.S - some Canadians must have missed the 'Buy American' mandate the U.S issued years ago.


The Shit Starts Here

Canadian charitable number: 839804291RR0001

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