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The Guardian Project  

Founded by Rita and Jeff Rayman in 2009

The Guardian Project

                                                                    a sustainable, scalable, community building, income generating, peace building, conservation initiative...really!

​​It All Starts Here!

The Guardian Pr​oject's mission is to facilitate opportunity through direct, grass-roots interaction with indigenous peoples, working with them in their journey to self-sustaining independence, and encouraging them to be pro-active participants in community and country.

Focusing on farming communities, bordering national parks whenever possible, we place special emphasis on the importance of women as they are the backbone of a healthy functioning social structure. We utilize local wisdom rather than relying on western notions and "should-isms".

Our motto is self-sufficiency, sustainability, scalability, transparency, community-building and conservation.

Current  Guardian Project Initiatives

An agricultural micro-finance, focusing on composting animal manure and other organic material into healthy, FREE, sustainable fertilizer, where the currency is sheep/goats, the loan is interest free, and a pay-forward component ensures the longevity of the initiative as well as our redundancy in any one area.

A micro-finance initiative where money is lent at cost of capital only (no interest rate profit) to facilitate business opportunities

An agricultural micro-finance initiative, where the currency is seeds, and the lender pays back not only initial loan but also a percentage of seeds generated from crop yield, ensuring exponential loans as well as our redundancy in any one area.


Providing rabbits, fruit and mixed tree saplings to elementary school students who will learn to compost the rabbit manure to feed their planted trees. The aim is to establish tree nurseries, encouraging long-term thinking, environmental awareness and reforestation, as well as creating an income source to cover school related expenses. 


The Guardian Project currently has various initiatives (listed above) in

NORTHERN UGANDA- 16 cooperatives in Barlonyo, Kamdini, Ober Bar, Bala, Juma Parish, Abia, Ibuje, and Murchison Falls/Karuma

RWANDA - 19 cooperatives around Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park, and the greater Musanze community.

EASTERN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO- 16 cooperatives in both North Kivu -  Idjwi Island (Lake Kivu), bordering Virunga National Park (Ruchuru, Beni, Rwindi, Masissi, Nyiragongo),  Maiko & Tayna National Parks Corridor (Kisangani area) and South Kivu - Miti, Kahuzi-Biega National Park and Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary And Community Outreach

That's roughly 10,000 families...yes, 10,000!

And in addition,

TOGO - a cooperative in Koumo Region, Lome

BHUTAN - Phajoding Monastery, Thimpu 

RWANDA- assisting the building of Sunzu Village Library & Community Centre in Musanze, both financially to cover building/material costs and a water tank, as well as over 700+ books donated by family and friends.

EASTERN D.R.C. - supporting 67 children in the Kavumu area of South Kivu, who are victims of sexual violence, as well as child soldiers in Bunyakiri, with health care, therapy and rabbits.

The Guardian Project also supports numerous projects in CANADA, INDIA and the U.S.

Details available upon request.