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rita rayman


For the last 7 years, together with my husband Jeff, we have been building a small 'mom & pop' philanthropic start-up into an agricultural, conservation initiative that now spans 3 East African countries, collaborates with 6 national parks, has improved the lives of over 10,000 families and has been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall.

And along the way, a most astounding array of memorable adventures I believe you would enjoy as well.

There is so much more out there and I know where to find it. 

A safari is just the beginning.

Specializing in Great Lakes, East Africa - Rwanda, Uganda and D.R.Congo - yes, Congo...really!

Join The Guardian Project In East Africa

for the adventure of a lifetime

Affiliated with a variety of well respected, local travel companies I have already worked with to guarantee unique, tailor-made adventures where your money benefits those who's country you are visiting.

A new generation of operators for a new generation of travellers. 

Individual or small group.

Re-imagining your bucket list!

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I travel to increase my understanding of the world I'm living in, and to appreciate it's wondrous beauty.  

I want to share the magic of the road less travelled and to open your eyes to the possibilities that lie beyond the routine.